CDI Lier optimizes facilities for competitors

The third edition of CDI Lier is also held at Azelhof in Belgium. Azelhof has built a new indoor hall (60x33m) last winter. The new indoor ensures that the conditions for the participants of the International 4-star competition have improved considerably. The new indoor hall will be used as the warm up arena, allowing participants to have optimal conditions for warming up their horse for the test.

The new indoor hall is located near the stable block which ensures that the route from the stables to the warm up is short. A promenade has been realized between the new hall and the competition arena. The two indoors are separated from each other by means of a glass wall. On this promenade, various stands will be available for the shopping audience. The promenade provides extra atmosphere and openness, it also ensures a nice separation between the two arenas. In addition to the indoor hall, the outdoor arena at the front of the complex will be used as a second unloading facility. In bad weather this arena will be covered with a tent.

This year there is more enthusiasm than ever before for the four-star competition! With registrations from different countries, this year promises to be an exciting event with a large international field of participants. Today the registrations for CDI Lier close.

View the photos of the new indoor hall here.